About Elite Attractions

In today’s high-tech and hyper-connected world, keeping people engaged and entertained is always about upping the ante. Today’s audiences expect ever bigger thrills and more impressive and immersive amusements. Their attention, time and dollars naturally flow to the most spectacular events on their horizon.

And those events … need to be YOUR events.

To make sure you’re always at the forefront, you need partners who are experts in the art of inspiring awe and creating wonder. You need the event experts at Elite Attractions.

We have over 100 years of combined experience creating massive events that make a massive impact on their audiences. Our diverse team of experts can cover every aspect of event production, from creative conception all the way through to final execution and day-to-day operations.

We’ve created astounding events harnessing multimillion-dollar budgets that have delivered astounding ROI … and brought joy and excitement to millions of people.

Our projects have been highlighted in media outlets including Time Magazine, CNN, BBC, The Travel Channel, The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Good Morning America, USA Today and more.

We’re looking forward to working with you to create something new and exciting for your audience. Something they won’t soon forget.

Let’s work together. And let’s make some magic.

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What The
Players Say

“We just did this tonight, and it was worth every penny! The puzzles were all clever, and since they are very varied, each player got the chance to shine.”

Colin Black

“This was our first escape room experience (booked for my friend’s birthday), and it was great! Super challenging and yet everyone loved it! We didn’t make it out, but we want to try it again.”

Jane Welsh

“My friends had a super fun time deciphering puzzles and clues at Exit Game. Thank you for hosting the event! We plan to return when you have new games set up.”

Paul French